Family Law

Divorce is difficult.  We can help.

We listen to you and provide sound legal advice.  Divorce laws are complex and can be hard to understand.

We provide a free case review with payment plans, because getting a divorce without speaking to an attorney about your rights and options is never a good idea.

Custody & Visitation –

We fight for your children, because one of the worst aspects of divorce is the effect on kids. You need an attorney who will understand how important your kids are to you, and will fight for their best interests and your time with them.

Child Support/Spousal Maintenance –

We will fight for a fair amount of child support.  Child support is important, because kids should come first in a divorce. Child Support payments are calculated using the Missouri Supreme Court’s Form 14, and should be fair. Usually, payments are based on both parents’ gross monthly income, and adjusted for other factors, such as health insurance, childcare costs, and overnight custody for the paying parent.

Spousal maintenance involves the payment of money from one spouse to the other; but unlike child support, receipt of spousal maintenance can have significant tax consequences. If you are entitled to spousal maintenance, we will fight for a fair amount of spousal maintenance.

Paternity –

Kids come first, so if you are a parent of a child and were not married, we will work hard to get custody, visitation rights or fair support for that child.  Regardless of whether you are the father or the mother, we will fight for your rights as a parent to have a meaningful relationship with your child.